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Handcrafted skincare for your everyday needs. Formulated to heal, rejuvenate, and restore, Temple Zen Organic Skincare is all-natural with a therapeutic touch. Made with love + you in mind.

Facial Restoration Complex
Perfect for all skin types, our Facial Restoration Complex is a simple three-step daily regimen that works to fight acne, fade blemishes, and restores moisture and balances oil production. It's a customer favorite!
Facial Cleanser + Toner
Fight pesky acne, clogged pores, and troublesome blemishes with facial our cleanser + toner, It’s a great first step before using any of our other wonderful products
starting at $8.00

Deeply hydrating body butters and therapeutic bath salts.

starting at $10.00

Bring a sense calm and relaxation to your home with our new Temple Zen Living Fragrance Collection.

100% soy based candles and aromatic incense to cleanse and restore peace to your environment.