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Melanglow + Temple Zen Organic Skincare

Read an exclusive interview with your Founder and CEO. Jashio Dean and Amanda Nwobu creator of Melanglow.com Which you should check out and follow - cause she's amazing!

From the Author Amanda Nwobu :

Melanglow explores the skin care concerns of the brown beauty novice & enthusiast. With black women spending $7.5 billion annually on beauty products, twice as much on skin care, and consuming nine times the amount of beauty products than any other demographic, the lack of representation is inexcusable. I reject the perception that we only care about cocoa butter and contouring. After years of relentlessly searching for a black girl beauty hub, loved ones encouraged me to create this space after mentioning complaining nagging about underrepresentation.

Jashiro and I have been playing email tag since June 2016, and for good reason. While Jashiro was rebranding and reformulating his collection, unbeknownst to me, I enrolled in a marketing research course that was taking up most of my time. Now that I have completed the program 14 months later, I have the honor of featuring Temple Zen Organic Skin Care as my first interview post-graduation.

In the meantime, Jashiro sent me his new products to try, which I thoroughly enjoy and plan to publish a full review on over the next couple of weeks. But until then, get to know more about Jashiro and his approach to Temple Zen Organic Skin Care.

Introduce yourself and why you do what you do.

I’m Jashiro Dean, a nurtured dreamer from Colon, Panama whose road led to a life in the arts. Temple Zen grew organically out of my own needs and soon after those of my family and friends. My products not only provide effective skincare solutions but also helps with physical, mental, and emotional stability. It’s become a humbling responsibility to provide the products I do. It’s just not skincare to me, it’s a way of life. After years as a professional dancer and multiple injuries later, my body took all it could take. I needed a way to sustain the daily beating of being in tedious rehearsals when physical therapy was at times just too much to handle.

What is Temple Zen and how is it different from other skin care brands?

We’ve taken a holistic approach when it comes developing our products and brand. We are a small batch, handcrafted, made-to-order company that puts a focus on the therapeutic properties and organic nature of the ingredients we use in our formulations. They help not only your skin, but also your emotional and mental health. Our products are made to trigger a full sensory experience.  

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