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Facial Cleanser + Toner

Facial Cleanser + Toner


A wonderful addition to our face collection is our gentle, yet invigorating 2 in 1 cleanser and toner that combats breakouts and pesky acne while treating not so favorable blemishes.

A Formula of brewed witch hazel leaves, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils work together to cleanse and disinfect the skin of impurities caused by environmental toxins, makeup build-up and helps to balance oil production for those with oily skin. Which makes this cleanser/toner duo perfect for all skin types.

A bonus to this cleanser/toner is that the menthol vapors from eucalyptus oil help relieve morning sinus congestion by draining the nasal passages allowing for better airflow.

Product Size: 4 oz  

Generously spray a cotton pad with the facial cleanser. About 10 pumps. Then wipe your face, neck and behind your ears throughly, changing pads as needed. Then proceed to your normal skincare routine. 

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