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Purifying Facial Serum

Purifying Facial Serum

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Our purifying hemp + lavender facial serum is by far our most versatile and effective serum. 

Rich in essential fatty acids like omega 3 + 6, hemp seed oil bosts cell regeneration on a molecular level. Its ability to carry nutrients to the lower levels of the epidermis allows for direct treatment of skin irritations, breakouts, cuts + bruises. It's anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties also helps to balance oil production with those with oily skin 

Paired with the aromatic and therapeutic properties of French lavender, this formula helps to calm and relax the nervous system and aids with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

Wonderful for steam showers or baths when you want to give the tension in your shoulders some ease. 

Product Size: 1.7 oz

Good for daily use as a balancing moisturizer. 

Purifying Facial Serum



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