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Dance is hard; aches and pains, burns, bruises and muscle fatigue are all part of a hard day's work. As a professional dancer and choreographer, endless amounts of ointments, Epsom salt baths, tape, and prayer keep my body held together for the next day. I needed a product that would not only calm my nervous system but also heal my battle wounds. The wonders of the Shea and Cocoa nut, mixed with aloe vera, essential oils healed my skin and gave it a wonderful youthful glow. Over time, I noticed blemishes fading away, and the elasticity of my skin became taut and firm -- hydration started to return, which allowed my skin to heal naturally.

Aware of the many potential health benefits of using essential oils and what it does for the senses and the nervous system, I started to experiment in creating formulas that tackled the needs of my everyday life.

I soon started to reap the benefits. The soles of my feet started to heal from splits, cracks, and blisters. I was able to get a full night's sleep, and I felt rested, refreshed, and rejuvenated -- not to mention moisturized.

Most times ending up with more than I needed, I gave out the extra to friends and family, whose responses and experiences were surprising and similar to my own. As word of mouth grew, so did order requests. With each batch, I refined my formula and my technique. I found myself in a situation that I hadn't expected: something that I made to help myself was also helping other people.

Rather than continue to use big box store products, with strange-sounding chemical ingredients, I sought to start an eco-friendly company the uses the bounty of the earth to heal the way nature intended.

With the meaning of my name (Jashiro) and the holistic nature of my products, Temple Zen was born.