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Eucalyptus Sea Bath

Eucalyptus Sea Bath


Soothe those aching muscles and alleviate sinus congestion with a super relaxing eucalyptus sea bath. Dead Sea Salt is known to help treat skin conditions, detoxify, and cleanse the body. Eucalyptus stimulates the immune system, helps with pain relief and respiratory problems. Both combined, help to trigger and boost the bodies response to trauma, stress, fungal infections, wounds, strains, sprains, arthritis, and backaches. 

Go on a get your soak on! Treat your body to a soak today so that tomorrow won't be so bad.

Product Size: 5 oz

Apply our Himalyan Sea Salt to a bath with a temperature equaling 98 to 100 degrees. 

Allow salt to desolve before entering the water. In the mean time burn your favorite candle or essential oil. Have a glass of water nearby so you can stay hydrated. 

For the next 15 to 30 mins sit back and relax as the toxins leave the body. Once done rinse and pat dry. If skin feels a little thristy apply our one of our deeply nurioushing body butters to restore it's suppleness and hydration.  

Sorry, our Eucalyptus Sea Bath is currently sold out.

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