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Wholesale Sandalwood Body Butter

Wholesale Sandalwood Body Butter

$54.00 and up

Swag is an undefinable and undeniable characteristic; you know it when you see it. The walk, the confidence, the sex appeal. We've all got our own unique kind of swag, and our Sandalwood + Rosewood & Sage Body Butter enhances what comes naturally. 

An uplifting, earthy aphrodisiac sure to get the blood racing and heads turning, this body butter can be combined with your signature cologne.

Provides: Vitamin A,  Vitamin E, Vitamin F, antiseborrheic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac

After a warm shower or bath, to lock in moisture, apply our body butter while your skin is still damp. Daily conditioning helps to restore and protect your skins natural luster. 

Wholesale Sandalwood Body Butter

$54.00and up